When considering an open car trailer, several things must be taken into account. Most car enthusiasts have experienced the frustration of using a typical trailer, which often involves dealing with heavy and bulky ramps that are never long enough to load a low car. However, you can avoid this hassle by doing your homework.

Our open car trailer, the JIMGLO Ego, is an excellent solution to the ramp problem. We created the quickest and simplest loading trailer ever by using the philosophy of making the most user-friendly open car trailer on the planet. Check out this video on YouTube to see how simple life can be without ramps.

The struggle to exit your car after it has been loaded onto an open car trailer is usually the next major issue, especially if you have an extremely low car. Nobody wants to crawl out of their car window after loading it onto a trailer. Therefore, having a trailer with a low-profile design will be beneficial. Additionally, having removable fenders will be a must-have feature.

Towing should be easy, even if you choose to tow with a light-duty truck or SUV. Added weight means more stress on your tow vehicle and more fuel stops, so it is essential to reduce weight where possible. An open car trailer built using aircraft-grade aluminum will make towing easy and reduce weight. As quoted by Street Rodder Magazine, when towing a ’31 roadster pickup at highway speeds, we “could barely tell it was there”.