JIMGLO Trailers builds a specialized line of trailers, all of which are designed from the ground up to haul cars and solve the complaints of car enthusiasts. While striving to create the most user friendly car carrier trailer experience available, we designed the lightest and most innovative car hauler trailer on the market. We are car guys, and all we build are car trailers!

Each JIMGLO car carrier trailer is hand crafted using top quality materials, the latest innovation, and years of experience. All this, combined with our engineering know-how, makes the line of our car hauler trailers truly extraordinary.

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Car Carrier Trailer Models


Open Car Trailer


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Quickest, simplest loading open car trailers ever! Simply release one lever, the bed tilts. As you drive on, the bed levels and locks into place. Secure your car and you’re done. In the words of Street Rodder Magazine, Ego tilt car trailer “couldn’t be any easier to load”.

Available Lengths: 16′ 18′ 20′

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Enclosed Car Hauler

Enclosed car trailer


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We have rethought the entire enclosed car trailers design and created a more user friendly experience.

We started with the end in mind and created solutions that make the life of a car lover more enjoyable.

Available Lengths: 18′ 20′ 22′ 24′ 26′

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EGO – Lowering Trailer

Designed for Low-Profile Cars


FORD GT Race Car Trailer


Ford needed a luxury car hauler trailer to transport the Ford GT as part of their Concierge Service. Avoiding costly damage during the transportation process was their top priority. After contacting numerous auto transport trailer manufacturers there is one clear winner.

Ford exclusively recommends the JIMGLO Elite for the FORD GT.


“The perfect complement to the no-compromises Ford GT.”


Raving Fans

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I’m very happy with my auto tilt-bed trailer. I sometimes put a couple 2 x 10’s under the end ‘ramps’ for good measure but they’re not essential (at least for me). They’re not inexpensive tilt bed trailers but they’re lightweight, well-made, functional and they pull well.



Ever since I bought my GT, I have found occasional need to transport it in my Haulmark auto trailer. The pain in the rump has been the fact that you can’t open the doors wide enough to get out of the car once it’s inside. Thus, unless one were to crawl out of the open window (very bad form) one cannot drive into the trailer, but must instead pull it in by the nose ring with a winch.

Pulls like a dream. Not cheap, however…made by a company called JIMGLO.



Pro Design Hot Rods recently purchased an Enclosed Car Hauler trailer from JIMGLO to transport our high-end show cars. Their quality and their service are second to none. As a family-owned business, they have afforded us very warm and personal attention from Jim and Tim Norris.

They have attended to our every detail. Our car hauler enclosed trailer is custom-fitted to our needs and is absolutely “state of the art.” Every part, as well as the workmanship, is of the highest quality.

About Us

the jimglo story

It started with a 1969 Camaro drag car and an ordinary car towing trailer.

Our founder, Jimmy, believed there must be an easier way to load and transport his race car. It became evident that the average car hauler trailer was not up to par. His Camaro only had 2” of ground clearance, so he set out to build a hauler that would not require the front of the car tow trailer to be jacked up, or the use of extra long ramps to load the car. The auto trailer game was changed from that moment, and the JIMGLO tiltbed was born.

Since 1988, JIMGLO has continued to design state-of-the -art car hauling trailers with the customer in mind.


As car enthusiasts, we’re dedicated solely to perfecting single car trailers. Our load and go trailers have become sleek and modern tools that are used to protect your investments. It is our goal to create the most advanced, user-friendly car trailers the world has ever seen.

The JIMGLO single car hauler trailers line is handcrafted with premium materials with a level of detail that is unparalleled in the industry. The most extensive list of standard features has put us ahead of the curve, but the benefits not found on any other car haulers have set us apart.


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Cars At Barrett Jackson Auto Auction
Jimglo Trailers Booth At Barrett-Jackson Tim And Gloria
Ford Gt Cars At Barrett-Jackson Auto Auction
Jimglo At Barrett-Jackson Ego Aluminum Tiltbed Trailer Elite Enclosed Trailer
Jimglo Trailers Elite Enclosed Trailer And Ego Tiltbed Trailer At Barrett-Jackson
Jimglo Elite Tiltbed Trailer At Barrett-Jackson Next To Steeda
Aerial View Of Jimglo At The Grand National Roadster Show In Pomona California
Cars At Barrett Jackson Auto Auction
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