JIMGLO Elite – The Premium Enclosed Car Trailer for Low Cars

Virtually 1/2 the Side of the Trailer Opens Up


JIMGLO Trailers reimagined the entire enclosed car trailer experience and created the most cutting edge enclosed car trailer available.  We started with the end in mind and created solutions that make the life of a car enthusiast easier.  Hey, we are car guys, and all we build are car trailers!

Whether you are a modern exotic car owner or hold a treasure trove of classic cars, our trailers cater to your every detail.  Elevate your enclosed car trailer experience with the JIMGLO Elite – the ULTIMATE carrying case for your car.

Never Crawl Out Your Car Window Again

Take the easy way out with the JIMGLO Elite enclosed car trailer.  Nearly half the side of the trailer opens up out of the way, and the fender removes.  This allows you to drive in, step out of your car, and out of the trailer.  No need to worry about trying to squeeze out of a partially open door, or crawl through a window.

Most other enclosed car trailers have a door that is about the size of the trailer fender.  That wasn’t enough for us so we went larger.  Why did we make the escape door so big?  Some of todays classic and exotic cars have large doors.  This allows you to open your door, avoiding contact with the trailer in most cases, making damage to your car a thing of the past.  Another benefit of such a huge door is the additional access you have when tying down your car.

Loading Made Easy

Loading is a breeze with the JIMGLO Elite’s ultra-low ramp angle, designed for even the lowest cars. The low to the ground trailer design, a discreet 4-foot beaver tail, and optional ramp extensions ensure the chassis of your car won’t come in contact with the enclosed car trailer.  Experience loading with ease while protecting your car with every time you load.

How did we make it even easier?  The optional stainless steel cabinets act as a mirror, providing the ability to see down each side of your car as you drive in.  This can help avoid contact with the trailer fender.  Just one more advantage not found on any other trailer.

Simplified Tie-Downs

Secure your car the simple way.  The Versa-Track tie-down system is the ultimate in trailer tie-downs and is a standard feature on the JIMGLO Elite enclosed car trailer.  This slim, sleek aluminum track is permanently secured to the floor of the trailer.  Adjustable stainless steel rings can be can be moved anywhere on the track allowing precise tie-down of your car.

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Towable with Pickup or SUV

The JIMGLO Elite enclosed car trailer is crafted with the latest technology and innovative materials.  Our goal was to tow with a 1/2 ton truck or SUV.  The lightweight aluminum and composite panels are revolutionary and a total game changer, but that wasn’t enough.  We decided that we needed to improve aerodynamics so we created a slope on the front of the trailer.  This combination of lightweight materials and aerodynamics means it is easier to tow with a 1/2 ton truck or SUV.

Protection From The Elements

Classic and exotic cars can be susceptible to hot and cold environments.  One of the many benefits of composite technology is the amazing insulating properties.  Composite construction provides an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.  Protect your automotive masterpiece from more than just rain and vandalism that other enclosed car trailers provide.

Make A Statement Without Saying a Word

Let’s face it: none of us created our automotive masterpieces to blend in.  We have invested countless hours of time and money to express ourselves and stand out from the crowd.  You deserve an enclosed car trailer that shows the same dedication to excellence.  Each JIMGLO Elite enclosed car trailer is hand-crafted using top-quality materials, the latest innovations, and years of experience.  All this, combined with our engineering know-how, makes the line of JIMGLO Trailers genuinely extraordinary, which allows you to make a statement without saying a word.

What We Are made Of

The JIMGLO Elite is a revolutionary enclosed car trailer that uses the latest space-age technology developed by NASA.  The sleek exterior is created using clean skin construction which is free of rivets, seams, or joints.  This is made possible by using single-piece composite technology.  Each side, top, and floor of the JIMGLO Elite is constructed from a single piece of this composite material.

Lightweight Composite Material

  • Dent Resistant
  • Hail Resistant
  • Insulated Honeycomb Design

Check out this video of the JIMGLO Team throwing baseballs at the typical aluminum trailer panels vs the JIMGLO Trailer panels.  

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*STARTING AT $28,995.00

How it started – The Enclosed Car Trailer


Loading a low car into an enclosed car trailer can ofter be a tough endeavor.  Crawling through the window or partially open door is always a challenge and you risk damage to your car.

Back in 1998, Jimmy our founder, needed an enclosed car trailer but there was no trailers that were easy to get out of.  There were trailers with a 4′ x 4′ door above the stationary fender that helped a little but you still couldn’t open the car door.  There must be an easier way and the wheels in his head began to turn and he decided to build a trailer that “half the side opened up”.  That was decades ago and now we have built on the basic concept.  Innovation never stops at JIMGLO Trailers.  In 2008 we introduced the honeycomb composite panels that we use today.  Read the JIMGLO story to learn more.

Challenged by Ford…create the best enclosed car trailer for Ford GT

Ford challenged JIMGLO Trailers with the task of creating and configuring an enclosed car trailer that would be able to safely transport the iconic Ford GT to and from certified dealers for service and warranty repairs.  Learn more about the project, the list of demands set by Ford and why they ultimately chose to partner with JIMGLO Trailers.

A Black Ford Gt Backing Out Of A Jimglo Elite Enclosed Car Trailer At A Ford Gt Service Center.