It started with a 1969 Camaro drag car and an ordinary trailer.

Our founder, Jimmy, believed there must be an easier way to load and transport his race car.  It became evident that the average car trailer was not up to par. His Camaro only had 2” of ground clearance, so he set out to build a hauler that would not require the front of the trailer to be jacked up, or the use of extra long ramps to load the car. The trailer game was changed from that moment, and the JIMGLO tiltbed was born. Since 1988, JIMGLO has continued to design state-of-the-art trailers with the customer in mind.


White Jimglo Envy With A Black Corvette Inside Visible Through Escape Door

What it has led to… The JIMGLO Enclosed Trailer was created out of necessity, the necessity to get out of an enclosed trailer once the car is loaded.  Many other trailers have attempted to solve this problem, with the most popular being the creation of the industry standard “escape door”.  This escape door does very little to solve the problem.  More often than not the placement of the door is not in the optimal location, and the wheel well doesn’t allow the car door to open fully.  In 1998 Jimmy needed an enclosed trailer but wanted the ability to get out of it with ease.  He set out to do just that, again, the wheels in his head began to turn, and the JIMGLO Enclosed Car Trailers were introduced.

Our trailers have become sleek and modern tools that are used to protect your investments. It is our goal to create the most advanced, user-friendly car trailers the world has ever seen. The JIMGLO line is handcrafted with premium materials with a level of detail that is unparalleled in the industry. The most extensive list of standard features has put us ahead of the curve, but the benefits not found on any other car trailer have set us apart.

Jimglo Elite With A Black Ford Gt Inside Escape Door Open
Function Factory Race Car On A Jimglo Ego Tilt Bed Trailer.

Since the beginning, our team has worked tirelessly to create premium products, so that you can enjoy your ride. We work with you to ensure you have the best experience possible from your trailer. We know you are passionate about your car—we’re passionate about the way you transport it.