Loading and towing your car is essential for protecting your vehicle and ensuring your safety. While you know your car, we know trailers. Therefore, we have compiled some important tips to help you safely load and tow your car.

Know Your Equipment: 

Make sure you are aware of the maximum weight capacity of each piece of equipment you will use when hauling your car. This includes the gross trailer weight limits and tongue weight. Our JIMGLO Trailers are made using space-age technology, which makes them light enough to be towed by pickup trucks and SUVs. However, it is crucial to weigh your fully loaded trailer before heading out on the road.

Loading Your Car: 

The way you load your car trailer will determine how easy it is to tow, and trailers that are poorly loaded can sway. Place heavier loads towards the front of your trailer and center the rest of your gear from left to right. Inspect your straps for any signs of wear or damage and avoid using straps that are cut or frayed. Our enclosed car trailers are equipped with the Versa-Track (V-Track) tie-down system. This system allows you to move the tie-down rings anywhere on the track, which can help keep your car from shifting inside the car trailer during transport.

Preparing the Trailer for Towing: 

When preparing your trailer for towing, park your tow vehicle and trailer in line with each other on a level surface. Check the trailer’s coupler and cross the safety chains under the tongue. Center your car and slowly drive up onto the trailer. If you’re using the JIMGLO EGO, the tilt bed frame will automatically tilt and lock into place when you drive up. The low-to-the-ground design of ELITE and ENVY makes it easy to load your low car. Once parked, apply the parking brake, and tie it down.

While You’re Driving:

After driving a short distance, examine your trailer to ensure that everything is secured before embarking on major trips. Stop every few hours to check on your tie-downs, hitch, wiring, and tires. Keep in mind that even light trailers, like ours, will add weight and length, so be careful on turns, stops, and while accelerating. Take your time, be aware of road hazards, and make any necessary adjustments.

JIMGLO Trailers for Cars: 

We know what you want in a trailer for your car and have the technology and innovation to make it possible. It’s up to you to get where you’re going, but JIMGLO can help you do it in style and with peace of mind. Contact us online or by phone at 520.384.4564 or toll-free at 888.5.JIMGLO.