Aluminum Enclosed Trailers Vs Composite Construction Trailer

Virtually every aluminum enclosed trailer on the market today is constructed using an outdated method; an interior skeleton is constructed, and an aluminum skin is secured to the exterior.  A new approach is available using the latest technology and the most advanced composite materials.  NASA initially developed this technology, which is now available to car enthusiasts.  Let’s look at how the latest technology creates the best-built aluminum enclosed trailers on the market.

Composite trailers offer a list of excellent benefits:

  • Sleek Appearance – The sides, top, and bottom are each built from an individual composite piece, and there are no seams, joints, or rivets to distract from the sleek appearance.  The interior and exterior skins are crafted from the same material, providing a finished and insulated interior.
  • Protection from extreme temperatures – The insulated interior provides extra protection from the outside elements.  Protect your investment from extreme temperatures, not just rain and vandalism.
  • Extremely Lightweight – A composite enclosed car trailer can be 25% lighter than other aluminum-enclosed trailers.
  • Extremely Strong – The composite material has a compression rating of over 300 pounds per square inch.

Click the button below to have a piece of the composite material delivered to your door to experience this latest technology.  See for yourself how lightweight yet strong the composite material is.

When looking for an aluminum enclosed trailer, remember to check out everything available.  Most aluminum enclosed trailer manufacturers are stuck in the past and offer little innovation to make the life of a car enthusiast easier.  There are options out there, but you will need to do some research.  Be sure to compare apples to apples and ask many questions when doing homework.  

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