Did you know that most aluminum car trailers available in the market today were initially cargo trailers that were modified to haul cars? That’s right. However, there is one company that thought differently and started with the end in mind. They solved many of the trailer issues faced by car enthusiasts.

Let’s go over some of the common problems that car enthusiasts face while using car trailers:

First, how do you get out of your car once it’s loaded into the trailer? The usual answer is to crawl out of the window or use an escape door, which is often inconveniently placed. However, this innovative company offers a solution where almost half of the trailer’s side opens up, allowing you to step out easily.

Second, is it necessary to tie down your car with four D-rings placed in the trailer’s corners? Most companies suggest this method, but it’s not the best practice. This company offers a track with adjustable rings that can be moved according to the car you’re tying down. This enhances your car’s security inside the trailer.

Third, if you have a unique show car that you’ve invested a lot of time and money in, why should you put it inside a box with wheels? If you’re looking for basic transportation, there are many aluminum car trailers available to meet your needs. However, most of them have rivets and glued seams, unattractive wheels, and poor trimming, which make them unappealing. This company offers a revolutionary new composite construction that creates a finished clean skin appearance inside and out, making your trailer as attractive as your car.

JIMGLO Trailers for Cars

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