“…the perfect complement to the no-compromises Ford GT.”



During the early stages of the project Ford invited JIMGLO Trailers to the proving grounds to check out the Ford GT and see what obstacles would need to be overcome to transport this supercar. It is extremely low, it is extremely wide, and it is impossible to get out of the Ford GT once inside the trailer. Ford had a list of demands that included not crawling out the cars window, in order to avoid any damage to the cars.


Ford had a list of demands that included not crawling out the cars window, in order to avoid any damage to the cars. Check out these photos of one of the early prototype Ford GT’s from JIMGLO’s fact finding mission out at the proving grounds.

Ford set out to make the Ford GT a unique experience, so Ford offers Concierge Service. Anytime a Ford GT owner needs service or warranty work, one of the certified dealers is dispatched to retrieve the car and return it to the customer after the work is completed. Ford contacted several trailer manufacturers with a list of requirements and demands. The most important conditions were:

With this particular set of needs, JIMGLO was up for the challenge to create and configure a trailer that would meet the needs of Ford Motor Company’s crown Jewel. The partnership was born, and Ford exclusively recommends the specialized JIMGLO Elite.

“It’s been extremely rewarding to work with the Ford GT team and to witness firsthand their unwavering commitment to the legacy of the Ford GT cars,” stated Tim Norris, CEO of JIMGLO Trailers. “Their no-compromises approach is shared by our team here at JIMGLO, and I couldn’t be more proud that as the new GT claims its place in automotive history, our trailers will be right alongside it.”


  • To avoid damage, Ford didn’t want any drivers or techs crawling through the car windows, so the driver door of the Ford GT must fully open without coming in contact with any part of the trailer.
  • The Ford GT has no tie-down points, so a forward-thinking system must be implemented.
  • The Ford GT is an extremely low car, and loading the vehicle would need to be accomplished without any contact with the car’s undercarriage.


“We looked at multiple different options, but JIMGLO’s ramp design and unique side hatch offered maximum protection for the GT, while ensuring easy driver exit during loading” explained Kurt Kiser, Parts and Service Program Manager for the Ford GT. “This trailer is the perfect complement to the no-compromises GT.”


Each Ford GT trailer also incorporates JIMGLO’s Versa-Track tie-down system, which features recessed and fully adjustable floor tracking with over-the-tire straps. The Versa-Track was a major selling point for Ford—offering maximum security while avoiding more conventional and potentially damaging chassis-based tie-down systems.


Mirror-finish stainless steel cabinets serve dual functions—providing ample storage and additional visibility during loading. The cabinets act as a mirror to allow you to see the car’s reflection. Integrated winch, LED lighting, and durable aluminum tread-plate flooring complete the package.


“Man, I have to say, as good as this car looks in here, it looks absolutely amazing outside in the overcast. 

Had Ian from Pat Milliken come pick the car up to take over to prepare it for the beating I am going to give it when I get back from Le Mans. I will say, I was very much a skeptic on a $30k but damn that JIMGLO is nice. I have never seen a trailer even close to that nice. I get the price now.

Ultra Ford-ish scenario”

– DBK Ford GT Forum