JIMGLO Ego: Ramp-Free Open Trailer Designed for Low-Profile Cars

Loading a low car onto an open trailer can often be a headache. All too often, you need long ramps (usually heavy and difficult to maneuver), and you will need to jack the front of the trailer up to improve the approach angle. Sometimes, you need more than that and extra wood blocks to get your low car on the trailer.

Back in 1988, Jimmy, our founder, had the same challenges loading his low car on his trailer. The car was a 1969 Camaro Drag Car that was 2” off the ground. He was fed up and decided to create an open car hauler that was simple to load without ramps.

The JIMGLO Ego was born out of necessity; years later, the central concept remains the same….simple and easy to load your low car onto an open car trailer. Read the JIMGLO Story to learn more.

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Don’t Hassle with Ramps

Skip the ramps with the JIMGLO Ego Tiltbed Trailer. This sleek aluminum trailer boasts a dual-frame design: bed and chassis. Working seamlessly yet independently, they ensure a super-low ramp angle, making loading even the lowest rides a breeze. Dive into effortless loading.

Couldn’t Be Any Easier To Load

Redefining ease with the JIMGLO Ego Tiltbed Trailer. Just flick a lever, let the bed tilt, drive on, and watch it auto-level and lock. Strap in your ride and hit the road. As Street Rodder Magazine puts it, “Loading couldn’t be any easier.” Step into effortless hauling.


Simplicity meets innovation with the JIMGLO Ego Tiltbed Trailer. Few moving parts mean hassle-free operation. Experience the smooth tilt system powered by hydraulic shocks as you roll on. Forget about batteries, winches, or electric motors. With Ego, loading your low car is swift and seamless.

Never Crawl Out Your Car Window, Again

After effortlessly loading your sleek car onto the JIMGLO Ego Tiltbed Trailer, say goodbye to awkward exits. With our innovative design, there’s no more wriggling out car windows. Our standard removable fenders ensure you can smoothly swing your door open and step out like the rockstar you are.

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Effortless Towing with Lightweight Aluminum

Redefining the towing experience, the JIMGLO Ego Tiltbed Trailer’s avant-garde design and featherlight aircraft-grade aluminum ensure a seamless tow with your pickup or SUV. No more second-guessing tie-down spots; our dual-frame layout balances the load for unparalleled towing stability. Don’t just take our word for it—Street Rodder quotes, “At highway speeds, we could barely tell it was there.” Dive into Street Rodder Magazine’s complete insights on the JIMGLO EGO.

Make A Statement Without Saying a Word

Your automotive marvel wasn’t built to be unnoticed. Every wrench turn and penny spent reflects your unique style and passion. Why should your trailer be any different? The JIMGLO Ego Tiltbed Trailer is handcrafted with premium materials and cutting-edge innovations rooted in years of expertise.

With our precise engineering, the JIMGLO Trailer lineup complements your commitment to distinction and lets your presence be felt, even in silence.



Where 50% side-open meets 100% edge. Elevate your haul.

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Side open, game changed: JIMGLO Elite.

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